Between the Sessions...
Recommended Reading and Other Inspirations


This is a space for me to share ideas, books, articles, podcasts, anything I'm reading or thinking about that is interesting and may be part of the conversation to help clients

have more satisfying connections with themselves and others.

                                             Books to Read

                        Working on yourself

"Loving Bravely" ,   
- Alexandra H. Solomon, PhD.​


"Daring Greatly"   
"Rising Strong"
"The Gifts of Imperfection"

 Brene' Brown-Ph.D 


"The Dance of Fear"
"The Dance of Anger"
"The Dance of Connection"
"The Dance of Deception"
"The Dance of Intimacy"
"The Mother Dance"
"Life Preservers"

​  - by Harriet Lerner, Ph.D.

. " The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook"
- Edmund Bourne, PhD

" Healing the shame that binds you" 

- John Bradshaw

" The Tools" 

-  Phil Stutz & Barry Michels 
" Playing Big"
- Tara Mohr


" One day my soul opened up"

-Iylania Vanzant

" Love Warrior "
 -  Glennon Doyle Melton

" Moody Bitches"     
-Julie Holland, MD

" Before Happiness" 

- Shawn Achor



"When Things Fall Apart"

- Pema Chodron

" Start Where You Are"

- Pema Chodron

" The Places That Scare You"

- Pema Chodron

" The Mindful Path to Self -Compassion"

-Christotpher Germer, PhD

"The Anatomy of The Spirit"

- Caroline  Myss, PhD

"The Untethered Soul"

- Michael Singer


I love the articles on the website

 Look under their " be " section and scroll through.  


Charles Eisenstein 

" Hate, Grief and a New Story"

                  Marriage and Couples

"Getting the love you want, a guide for couples"
- Harville Hendrix, Ph,D

" Concious Loving "
- Gay Hendricks, PhD & Kathlyn Hendricks , PhD

"Mating in Captivity"
- Esther Perel

" How can I get through to you?'
- Terrence Real

" The Relationship Cure" 
- John Gottman, Ph D

"Why Marriages Succeed or fail"
- John Gottman , PhD.

"Fighting for your marriage" 
- Markman, Stanley & Blumberg

"The Three Marriages"​
- David Whyte

" The Five Love Languages "
- Gary Chapman

                  Parenting & Family

"The Conscious parent"  
                                            - Shelfali Tsabary, PhD

" Simplicity Parenting"
- Kim John Payne

" You and your Adolescent"
- Laurence Steinberg, PhD

" The Price of Privilege"
- Madeline Levine, PhD

"The Shelter of Each Other, Rebuilding our Families"
- Mary Piper, PhD

" Parenting with Fire" 
- Shmuley Boteach

"Helping Teens who Cut"
- Michael Hollander, PhD

 "Reviving Ophelia, Saving the Selves of

  Adolescent Girls"
- Mary Pipher, PhD

"Ophelia Speaks"
- Sara Shandler

"Stopping the Pain,  A workbook for teens who cut &         self injure"
-  Lawrence Shapiro, PhD

" The Mother Dance"
- Harriet Lerner, PhD
"Raising A Son"
- Don Elium & Jeanne Elium

" Raising Boys"

Stever Biddulph

" Raising your spirited child"
- Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, Ed.D.

" You are your child's first teacher" 
- Rahima Baldwin Dancy


TED Radio Hour  ( NPR) 

"Screen Time - Part I"

"Screen Time -Part II"

"Failure is an Option"



" Forgiveness"