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 " Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony".
-  Gandhi

Choosing to begin therapy requires a big commitment to yourself.  It means that the discomfort you have been feeling has finally reached a point that requires change.  These difficult feelings could be connected to your inner self, your relationships to partners or family or it could reside in your work.  Wherever it is showing up, it needs to be honored and respected in order to change it. 

When we are able to align what we feel on the inside with the words we speak to others we can create and maintain healthy boundaries. Becoming aware  of how you react to your life means honoring the fact that you may be haunted from time to time by old stories or thoughts that no longer serve you. Naming those old stories and thoughts and then connecting with the impact of them in your present life opens the door to compassion with self. 


Therapy can provide you with the essential skills needed to change the parts of your life that may be causing pain.  Emotions are the natural response to life, and we are most able to connect with our authentic self and needs when we can stay present with our feelings.  

Specialties include:

Depression and sadness
Stress, anxiety, phobias and panic attacks
Improving communication skills 
Understanding negative and self-destructive thoughts and behaviors
Increasing intimacy and connection in relationships
Coping with existential crisis and loneliness 
Improving work and career issues
Supporting feelings related to grief and loss 
Providing support during infertility challenges

" Love is a Classroom"-  Alexandra H. Solomon, PhD

Partners come into couples counseling with a variety of issues to address and needs to be met. Healthy communication is a key ingredient of a successful relationship, and successful couples know how to communicate in a way that can actually improve their relationship with their partners as well as themselves.

Conflict is inevitable, we can't change that but we can change how we react to conflict. 

Healthy communication requires self-awareness and  the ability to express yourself when you're feeling your most vulnerable and triggered.  

Through couples counseling I will help you understand the ways in which you presently communicate and then teach you new skills & solutions to improve your communication.  We will work on identifying past issues and connecting them to your present struggles with the goal of a more stable, grounded and loving relationship for both partners.

Specialties include:

Improving communication skills 
Understanding needs and desires 
Decreasing criticism and conflict
Increasing intimacy and connection 
Decreasing tension and unhappiness
Problem solving during transitions:
(divorce, separation, career changes, step-families, birth of child, empty nest, aging parents etc )


I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world.
This makes it hard to plan the day.

I'm often asked why I like working with teenagers and my answer is always the same, because they seek the truth. 

It's not an easy truth, it's an internal struggle. It requires bravery to launch from childhood into adulthood. When they realize this launch is inevitable, I witness them wrestle with disappointment and grief as they see hypocrisy and bitterness in the world.  They wonder if they can hold onto their true selves, while they feel so much change. 

I'm also lucky enough to witness an awakening of their joy, energy, excitement and wonder as they conquer this new found independence and freedom.   

As with anything... these extreme reactions can manifest in a variety of symptoms.  More traditionally these symptoms are rooted in rebellion, anger, aggression and moodiness. However, when left undone or unacknowledged these very "normal" symptoms become skewed towards depression and anxiety.

I offer a place for teenagers to navigate these new feelings and thoughts. I can help support healthy relationships with family and friends.  But more importantly, I can offer some ideas on developing a healthy sense of self-worth, which they can carry with them long after our work is done. 

Common areas addressed:

Supporting teens in identity development and understanding of self
Resolving body image issues
Eating disorders and self-harming/cutting behaviors
Managing stress during transition to college 
Educating and understanding impact of social media
and digital identity 
family counseling 
Supporting teens through parental divorce or separation


Increase healthy communication

Helping families cope with conflict 

Supporting families through divorce and separation 

Education for behavioral issues in children & teens

School consultations for parents, teachers & staff

Education on child development